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Homepage of Eran Omri

I am a faculty member at the department of Computer Science, Ariel University. I am interested in theoretical computer science and combinatorics. My research is currently focused on the theory of cryptography and private computation.

Reaserch Opportunity for Students


I am currently looking for excellent graduate students and postdocs who are interested in theoretical research in the area of the foundations of cryptography and private computation.

See my current projects for more information.

What's New?



The complexity of secure computation.  We wish to understand the necessary and sufficient cryptographic hardness assumptions for fundamental tasks in secure computation, such as coin-tossing  and distributed differentially private protocols.

Security without an honest majority.  Until recently it was perceived that for most interesting functions, fairness is impossible without an honest majority . Recently, this was shown  to be false, and in addition, new forms of partial security were proposed. We wish to characterize types of security that can be guaranteed for various secure computation tasks without an honest majority.

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My research is supported by:

  • The Israel Science Foundation (ISF)

  • The Ministry of Science, Technology and Space.

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